Immigration Related Services

Dr. Vermilyea (Dr. Jim) offers psychological assessment for those involved in immigration-related issues such as asylum cases, hardship waivers, spousal abuse (VAWA), u-visas for victims of violent crime, among others. If you have any questions about whether Dr. Vermilyea can handle your cases please feel free to text or call him at 339-224-7695.

Dr. Vermilyea works with only the best immigration practices in the Greater Boston Area. References are available upon request. If you are an attorney please feel free to call and discuss Dr. Vermilyea’s services.

CBTA offers competitive fees and speedy services for attorneys in need of immigration-related consultations. We do thorough and professional evaluations that yield comprehensive psychological reports for use in filings. Our reports offer expert opinions in these matters.

In the past, our clinical interviews have helped clients in cases involving:

We can only do evaluations of petitioners who are:

We offer to testify to our reports, but there is an additional fee to stand by for telephonic testimony, or to physically appear in court for your case.

We work closely with you and your client.

Please note: We do not do evaluations for medical certification of inability to take the citizenship examinations, or people who are out of state at the time of the evaluation.